30 Business Casual Men Dressing Styles Guide & Inspiration

We know, dear Doers and Growth-getters, you guys are busy hustling and not style. But in this fast-forward era, we are here to sort that corporate deal for you!

The corporate world is expanding daily, and style speaks volumes. Business casual outfits came into being especially to relax the uptight look of the work environment and to make the employees look more friendly and approachable to the customers.

Have you ever noticed your CEO wearing flashy colors or oversized picks? A big no will roar aloud while you read this. Men in corporates are focused on keeping it simple, minimal, and significant. They prefer core color over buzzing ones and high quality over quick fixes. Carrying this attitude in the corporate world always makes you a leader.

Certainly, each workspace has its own dress code and culture, so it is always good to look around and observe your co-workers’ dressing styles before jumping into the clothes-purchasing process.

In this article, let us look at a few styling methods to rock on day-to-day men’s business casual attire!

Consider This as a Casual Business Guide for Men!

1. The Timeless Neutrals:

The Timeless Neutrals

Neutral-colored clothing pieces are absolute wardrobe essentials for business clothing. A good assortment of neutral-colored shirts will let you pair them in many variations to form your unique Business casual outfits. Keep in mind that, Even among the neutral colors, the degree of casualness varies. A pink-colored shirt is seen as more casual than a white-colored one, and a light blue shirt is more men’s business casual than a dark blue-colored one.

2. Stellar Suits:

Stellar Suits

While leaning towards the business side of business casual dressing, tailored suits can be worn, except the tie can be left behind to make it a bit simple.

3. Jeans:


Although Jeans are through and through casual wear, they can work well as a Business casual when paired with a neutral shirt. However, make sure that the Jeans are dark-colored. Light-colored Jeans are a complete No-No for Business environments!

4. Button-ups and Button Down Shirts:

Button-ups and Button Down Shirts

Many buy shirts without considering whether they are button-ups or Button-down shirts. Button-up shirts provide a much more polished look and are considered more formal than button-down shirts. A button-up shirt, a jacket, a button-down shirt, and a Blazer can also be worn together to produce business casual wear for men.

5. Oxford Shirts:

Oxford Shirts

Oxford shirts are the shirt alternative for an unstructured blazer. You can always wear an oxford shirt paired with chinos when in doubt and get ready to face the day. This is a good pick for your dates and upcoming Christmas parties!

6. Patterned Shirts:

Patterned Shirts

Always remember that the more trendy it gets, the more casual it is. Hence when it comes to wearing patterned shirts, try to stick with the minimalistic striped or gingham shirts that give an unstructured yet professional look. The perfect business casual guide for Men.

7. Polos:


On the days you would like to lean more towards the casual business side for work, you can wear a long-sleeved polo paired with a jacket, or a blazer, making for a good Business casual outfit for men.

8. T-shirts:


T-shirts can also be worn, as long as the balance is maintained not to make the outfit too casual. Plain T-shirts can pair with blazers and chinos to create a smart business casual look. Avoid pairing t-shirts with jackets or denim pants.

9. Blazer Essentials:

Blazer Essentials

When a full-on suit feels too uptight and formal, pair your neutral-colored shirt with a dark-colored Blazer to make it a much more relaxed men’s business casual look. A jacket is a more casual option compared to a blazer.

10. Jackets:


A more business casual option for men is a Blazer or a jacket. Again, a dark-colored Jacket needs to be worn, and not to make the outfit too simple, make sure to wear formal clothing underneath, such as a button-up shirt or a chino.

11. Sports Coat:

Sports Coat

Wearing a sports coat will also make for a good business casual look for men. A sports coat paired with a polo shirt and dress pants can be considered a go-to combination when in doubt!

12. Knits and Sweaters:

Knits and Sweaters

During colder days, jackets and blazers can be replaced with knits and sweaters. A cardigan turtleneck or a shawl-collared sweater over your shirt will give you a smart Business Casual look.

13. Crewnecks and V-necks:

Crewnecks and V-necks

While opting for sweaters, Crewnecks and V-necks can also adorn your shirt to stay warm and look Business casual. However, ensure that you wear a thin sweater, not a thick one, or you might sweat through your shirt.

14. Pants:


A nice pair of cotton or wool trousers can go a long way in bottom wear for men’s business casual outfits. Some companies may or may not allow Jeans in the workplace. If qualified, dark blue or black jeans will also create a relaxed look!

15. Tailored Trousers:

Tailored Trousers

While wearing a T-shirt or a jacket, tailored trousers will help to balance the Business casual look. However, ensure that they are thick enough and shiny.

16. Joggers:


Joggers can be worn in a business casual setting as long as they are more like trousers with a tailored waistband. Whether or not to wear joggers to the workplace greatly depends on the company’s dress code, and only wear them if you are sure it is okay.

17. Pant Breaks:

Pant Breaks

Pant’ breaks’ refer to where your pants meet your shoe. Quarter breaks or Half breaks are recommended over full breaks or no breaks as they give a much cleaner and effortless look.

18. Chinos:


Opt for chinos to accompany your business attire if you want to mix it up. Khaki-colored chino will be a good addition to your wardrobe, which you can wear, whenever you want to get away from neutral-colored business casual men’s outfits.

19. Loafers:


Your shoes tell you about your attire in any given situation. And for business situations, a pair of loafers is a must-have wardrobe essential. Loafers go well with all kinds of outfits, from suits to denim.

20. Sneakers:


Sneakers can also be worn if leaning more toward the casual side. Any branded sneakers, such as Nike or Adidas, will give off a classy and casual vibe, which will be perfect in a business casual setting.

21. Oxford:


Oxford shoes can be chosen when choosing dress shoes. They are classic and give a versatile feel that will complete you and your men’s business casual look.

22. Derby:


Derby is also similar to Oxford. However, the difference is that Derby has open lacing, while Oxford has closed lacing. However, both are equal when it comes to versatility.

23. Sandals and slippers:

Sandals and slippers for men

Sandals and slippers are an absolute no-no in business casuals. Usually, in the corporates, they call it style, but when it comes to closing a sales or next-gen business pitch, it’s a big-time NO from the client’s end.

24. Ties, anyone?

Ties, anyone

Are ties even included in men’s business casual wears? Of course, why not! Ties can be a great look enhancer, and the right tie can easily shift the outfit to the next level! There are various colors and patterns of ties; however, a neutral-colored tie with a striped or dotted pattern is recommended.

25. Minimal Bags:

Minimal Bags

After you have achieved the perfect business casual outfit, it is also important that you keep it with your other accessories, especially your bag. A backpack is usually seen as a go-to option. However, it could go better with your professional look and tends to crack your outfit. A leather briefcase can be opted for in these situations as they merge well with the men’s business casual outfit and contribute to the look.

26. Belts:


Simple plain leather belts are always recommended for men’s business casual attires. Avoid trendy, flashy, or patterned belts, which can make the outfit too casual.

27. Pocket Squares:

Pocket Squares

If you are going for a blazer, you might as well go for a pocket square to get that polished and classy look. A good pocket square contrasting the color of your blazer will enhance the look of your business casual for men.

28. Watches:


Create your time of success with watches that creates a statement. Watch is a must-have accessory in a Business casual wardrobe. A minimalistic brown-leather strap watch is good enough to go with your outfits. One can also wear the classic silver strapped watch, giving a professional look to the attire

29. Fedoras and Caps:

Fedoras and Caps

Fedoras are not recommended as they are no longer relevant. Avoid caps as well, as they are too casual.

30. Socks:


Looks too tiny but impacts incredibly awesomely. Socks are necessary for business casual attire as it adds decency & look to your corporate shoes.


These are some of the hand-picked recommendations for choosing your right business casual outfit. You can mix and match among these 30 dressing styles and their combinations based on what will suit your physical build.

Remember that dress codes change from workplace to workplace, so it is important to read the air at your workplace before styling your outfit. It is always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. Hence if you are unsure whether an outfit is business casual enough, always wear it one step more formally, just in case.

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